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afterlife files, where I have written up my visions of experiencing out of body, obe, nde, astral travels, to heaven, afterlife, realms.

Over the years I have had many dreams
of going to heaven! That is, I have been taken, in my Spirit, astral, body
by Angels and Guides, to see and to experience places in the
afterlife, worlds. to heaven, *and* to hell! [yes, new agers, there *is* a hell[s]!!]

I have also been shown scenes from the "End Times", the earth at "earthchanges" time! Earthquakes, land changes, etc....
I have written up some of these experiences
here in this journal. Beginning around 1978, I have had
near-weekly dreams where I would go to visit other worlds that
are not on this earth plane! Some Guide would bring me to see,
for instance, the Hall of the History of mankind, or perhaps I would
actually see and then talk two way conversations with, a relative.
Many of these experiences are not recalled
very well, and only the visions that I consider to be Interesting,
I will post here on this weblog.
Plus I will also write about my life, and my thoughts, seeing how I now know that the material world is not all that there is to reality!

I have more or less turned my MY LIFE AFTER NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES weblog into a Photoblog, where I enter some of my amazing pictures, with long descriptions of each. Come, please, look at my photos!

afterlife files
Saturday, July 27, 2002
7/27/2002 04:03:00 PM
the DEAD

hello, everyone....

here is a short OBE-experience, that i had, from the
early 80s.

This begins where i am sitting at a table in a very
lush garden. This has the feeling of a patio behind
someone's house, where all the back yard is of a
southern garden....somwhere in one of the

there is a pile, a stack, of what looks like papers,
sitting on this table, that apparently i am supposed
to read. Each sheet is thick and about two feet to a
side. each sheet is FILLED with hyroglyphic symbols
that i can not even begin to translate!
I have the *distinct* feeling, in this vision, that
EACH of these symbols has information so densely
packed into the symbol that a three-inch-thick book
could be needed to hold the describe the
meaning of each and every picture-like squiggle of
there were hundreds and hundreds of these squggles per
another language!
a language where the level of content-richness is
W-A-Y beyond my poor earthly ability to comprehend.

I, as i leaf through these sheets; there must be
dozens of them: i find a sheet that has a couple of
words or so of ENGLISH language on it!
---and a couple of pictures.....
it had a title..."THE DEAD"
all i could see on this sheet was of a face of a man
with hundreds of these squiggly print-forms coming out
of his of a waterhose spouting out
water...i could see that this man wore an orange robe
and his face was round..and he had "afro" hair, but
not as kinky as a "black" person would have it. He
looked like a India-indian person...someone from south
india, as i could tell that he was short in stature.
He was giving a lecture about the "dead"!
that was the subject of this sheet.
Ont the right side of this sheet, i could see
several groups of what looked like dead
leafless walking sticks. there were dozens of these
groups...each group had from five to ten sticks: each
stick was attached to another stick, within its group.
Too, a morning glory vine entwined all the groups of
these sticks...the flowers bloomed everwhere...

i laid aside these sheets, in frustration, folks, in
my vision...there was no way i could even begin to
poke at an interpetation!

I looked up...there was a hazy presence before
me...some Guide or Angel....maybe...
then, this presence began to tell me of what the
"dead" meant!

[i can only faintly recall of some of what he said!]

A living, on earth, Master, was ...Out of his own
body, on one of his own OBE travels....was giving a
lecture, in the spirit world, and this lecture was the
subject of this sheet, as the Angels recorded it.
the "dead" refered to all the souls on earth or in the
spirit world, who are dead to spirit..."souls who are
not saved" ---in the Christian symbol-system.
each stick is one earthly life....and the groups of
these sticks???...they refer to the incarnational
succession of earthly lives...of one oversoul.
[ oversoul---the soul of all its earthly lives]
the wheel spins...dead in one life..dead in the
next...if spirit does not get entered into the life!
a day on a day is the whole
but a "day" in of the morning glory
flower lasting but a day and is gone to wilt by
there is, as a result, no real heaven-life for these
stick-souls. there is no Spirit to awaken within
them, as they did not have Spirit in their hearts,
while living on earth! the Morning glory flower does
not bloom for them in heaven: they can only live by
IMMEDIATELY reincarnating again onto the physical they "sleep" in heaven between lives!
---thus this lecture-sheet is an exhortation for us to
begin to live the salvational spiritual life; not just
philosophy or metaphysics....but to have a personal
relationship with have God as a co-pardner,
in your heart, co-pardner with your soul.
as if you, if you could not approach this path via the
"new age" or "initiation-by-Guru" ways...that you
ought to go right down to the Southern baptist Church
and fall on your knees, accepting Jesus as your have Him in your heart...Soul..and life!!

a "simple" experience!!
there ARE no simple these visions!!
there are layers and levels of complexity and



another visit to the Spirit lands last night in my

I went to Somewhere. tis a place i often go to and it
seems to have some vibrational association with
"southern Illinois" as i lived there once. tis the
same place each time i visit, out of body.
last night i went "running" along a road, flying,
actually, flying about head-height, along a road. at
least one other person was running with me.
[i read that is one form of travel in the of a very fast running at six
feet off the ground]
i went to a settlement of people where they all were
going to DO something. the field next to this village
was open to the sky, Hawks of immense size were in the
air, off to the distance....there was a feeling of
"space" in the air..."electric peace"...a feeling of
all of the people, i knew not whether they ALL were
residents or not: i feel that many were also "night
visitors", like of me!......all of the people gathered
at the base of a small hill, in the field, the field
that reached to the horizon, and they got ready for to
do something.

[now i have read and seen pictures of this which is to
come. i knew that in heaven there were these: but
this is the first time that i can REMEMBER being in
one; i have been in them before, but this one event is
the most vivid, of late.!]

all the people gathered in a ring about 80 feet in
diameter, there were sometimes three or four people
deep behind some people: a ring utterly open in the
center, all holding hands and getting ready for some
Sing or Ritual of some sort. Interesting....i stood
very very close to being behind someone, as if i
almost WERE that person! the event began: i
immediately woke up!!

this happens a lot, the waking up JUST as the event
begins. i have my suspicians as to why i woke up in
this ring-sing. has to do with me being practically
on the back of this large middle-aged lady, in front
of me!
my guess: that i was a "bridge"! I BROUGHT, in some
manner, this lady from her sleep, a "fetcher" of a
soul i was, so that SHE could experience this
sing-festival! Spirit used me to fetch her to this
event, as i have seen this process before, with me: in
this case the lady was almost able to do it on her own
and my counsciouness added to hers made it possible
for her to be there. once she was there, i was not
needed anymore. but why was i not also there to enjoy
because if i were, it would not BE her experience!!
my counsciousness was SO blended with hers that
her own experience would be overwrote by my presence!
be like getting a cup of coffee to get ya up in the
morning: but if you drank ten cups of that coffee per
hour from then on, that coffee would "arc out"
your day! color it!
my presence AS her, at the sing, would end up adding
my ego-loops to her subcounsciousness and COLOR her
this is why i ferry many many many people to see Sai
baba and masters and events like this: but never never
get to experience even ONE of them, in my memories of
over 100 such events!
Tis a "spiritual honor" to be a Enfranchised Ferryman:
not my Calling to be there for it! i have 1,000,000+
years, soon enough, to go to any one of these that i
want to: NOW, here on earth, my WORK must be done!
[I seem to dwell on this point a lot in this post: but
i only saw this AS i was writing it out! now i know
why i never never see that Master or sing with the
people! this is why people keep journals: to help
them think out what has happened to them in that day's
entry. thus my weblog helps me almost more than as
it would communicate to someone of my experiences!]

now i sense a meaning of that word..."Spiritual
SACRIFICE"! or...what is meant by the
not merely giving of money or time to someone or
something, giving up food or i would
sacrifice any experiencing of the events that i help
Spirit fetching, carrying, souls-from-their-sleep, to.

my role would be to add my awareness to "prime
their pumps" like of a cup of coffee so that they are
awake IN their dreams, at the event, so that they can
begin to experience it: then i leave....the sacrifice
is where i leave so that this experience will be
THEIRS, not both of us together where some of my
value-system judgements do not bleed into the fetched
person's awareness and COLOR their experience with my
subcounscious "stuff"! thus by leaving, i give to
them their own experience! I defer experiencing such
"spiritual celebrations" until after i die, or even
far far later, as my Role may still be needed even
after i arrive and live there...fetching souls from
earth! may be far far up in the levels of heaven
before i ever get to do one of these FOR ME!
like that man of the Movie..."the last picture
show"...where he enables all of the young kids to go
off to the big cities to Do their Dreams: but he
himself will never never leave the town, and will die
there of old age!




My Vision That Tells Me This.....

Over the years, i have recieved many many Dreamvisions
of the afterlife: i posted many of them up in my site.
you may go read them there.

I always wondered why my mother was so so afraid to
drive on the roads at dusk. seemed so irrational to
me: she had this fear for years.
My father was on his deathbed, he had a bad stroke,
the fall of
1986. he had just turned 72. I came up to live with
my aunt, in my hometown, Interlaken, N Y... from Tallahassee. I lived
there a year.
A friend of my father's told me something. he told
me something that i never knew until 1986,
that my MOTHER had had a Vision, in about 1965, where
she was shown that she would die in ten years as a red
sports car would come into her lane at dusk and kill
her instantly but that my father would live until he
was 72! She told, apparently, very very few people!
he was now 72!! Mother had died ten years after her
dream as THE red sports car came into her lane at 120
MPH, at dusk....Appointment IS kept!
[ NOW i knew why she kept a posted-on-the-wall, file
of all those predictions that psychics make for the
year-to-come, and that she always found them to be
wrong, thus laughing about it and thus trying to put
down the possibility that HER prophecy came from a

father lived one more year beyond his 72 as he made
amends with his son, Grace in action!!
[I have ALREADY HAD my time of grace, probably, as Spirit lets me
live beyond 1998, when i was set up to die!]

A few years ago, my mother came to me from heaven to
tell me three numbers....3 39 99. this in 1999. i
stood at a dreamspot: the image was the driveway in front of the
family childhood home, to see my mother come from the
sky from the setting sun west...she spoke to me.

i never considered that perhaps I, too, would Be
Told....but of course it would be so, in these family
karma affairs...Mother was a Prophetess, and Saw correctly!

My DREAM BEGINS....may 13 2002.

....I am in astral INDIA, the place i have lived in, in
many lifetimes. I walk along a road, in rurual India.
I meet a seer, a Clarvouyant old man, a Guru, perhaps!
he tells me that when he was young, he recieved from
spirit the lifeplans of many people. These people were not yet born!
[ somehow he accessed people's Life-Plans, their life plans that they had set up
for them, by the Angelic/Christic Guides...the life plans that
they were to bring with them into birth to do their life-missions with!]
There was quite a pile of sheets of paper, on a table, before him. He
tells me, then, that each of these sheets held an account of a
person's pre-birth life plan, that he recieved from Spirit
and wrote down, around 1938. [Three years before i was born]
He pulled out a sheet and held it up to me. I could see that the
writing was in a language that i could not read: I could
see a LIST of "adjendas" or "missions", on this sheet,
by the way the sentences were formatted.
There WAS one line that was written in "english letters"...the Name
of the person this sheet pertained to.


my name!!!
He then began to read each and every Mission that I had set
for me in 1938, while my soul was still in the Heavenworld,
three years before i was born. As he read each mission, i AGREED with each
description: by now, 2002, I had finished it. [unfortunately, i cannot
recall any of these missions, probably i was not "suppossed" to remember!!]
He soon finished reading the list: I told him that he scored "100%" and
that I had done everything that this list indicated that
I AM to do, after i was born!
["he stopped"---means that there are NO more missions! He listed all of them!!]

a moment of silence.

THEN he says...[one more lifeplan to go!]
[ or...perhaps..."SPIRIT JOURNEY"!]
[He did not say "spiritual". even in the dream I
was a bit surprised, at first, that he did not say "spiritual"!
Too...I told myself, in the dream, in my half awake dream-awareness,
that "had I not already BEEN living a "spiritual life", all of these years?!
How could he be saying that I will begin a spiritual life
when I had already been living a "spiritual path"
since about 1968?!!]

suddenly i was not at the feet of this master, I was
at my childhood home, and I was now standing on the driveway, I
heard this master repeat his saying as I looked down
on the ground to see a larva-like, white, wormlike thing with
a human head.
["the soul immediately in spirit", the
newborn soul, just arrived in heaven...the "preview"
of my beginning of my Spirit jouney, my spirit life,
where i will then be living IN the world of Spirit, in my Spirit-body.]

[ On May 2 of 1999, i had a Vision where I stood
and I saw my Mother come out of heaven, to the west!
She stood before me and said just a few words.
"3" 39" "99" "these numbers are in the Bible"!
(meaning: Spiritualy True)
If i were to die in that year-from-now, i will have lived
here in Tallahassee for 42 years. (3 + 39 + 42).
I was saved from death in 1998 at 57 years old: I left my New York
home for that last time of living there. (57 + 42 = 99) Vision of my mother: she was also Telling me the News, in advance!

Suddenly, i heard one more word from this Master, spoken into my head,
just as the dream ends.
[like in "blood artery hemmorrage"!]
my mother was told HOW she would die, i guess I am now told that too!

---my Vision, my own visions, also tell me that there might
be collective earthchanges by the spring of 2005. the
bells might toll for thee also, soon!!! 2 to 3 years for YOU
to get ready, maybe..




...yet another abduction experience

> > > hello everyone!!
> > >
> > > yes, last week i had yet another
> > > alien abduction
> > > experience, another "from my
> > > dreams"
> > > experience.
> > > again: some people would think this
> > > to be only just a
> > > dream, but no, tis not, folks!!
> > > ---maybe a more correct phrase for
> > > this would be...
> > > "While i was OBE[out of body, out
> > > of
> > > my physical body,
> > > in my Spirit soul-travel body], i
> > > was, in my spirit
> > > body, abducted into a ship, by
> > > aliens
> > > from another
> > > world"!
> > >
> > > the experience begins.....
> > >
> > > In an astral, obe, dream, i was
> > > walking around some
> > > open land. i explored some ruins
> > > of
> > > some sort and
> > > walked around the basement of this
> > > crumbling house.
> > > i noted an entrance door, partially
> > > open, leading
> > > downward into the ground: i was
> > > struck by the sight of
> > > the partially open doors...they
> > > were
> > > of wood, in a
> > > very parcular shape, a lot like
> > > doors
> > > to elf or fairy
> > > worlds, in the books or the
> > > computer
> > > games
> > > ...leading DOWNWARD.....
> > >
> > > the dream seemed to stop, as if i
> > > fell asleep, when
> > > it began again, i saw that i was
> > > lying on a white cot
> > > that looked *very* like an
> > > examination table in a
> > > emergancy room.
> > > or....
> > > an examination table in a UFO, from
> > > the pictures and
> > > descriptions of the abductees!!
> > > i looked about the room. i could
> > > see
> > > a large room, a
> > > kitchen off to the right and a
> > > series
> > > of bunks ahead
> > > of me and on the wall to my
> > > immediate
> > > left was a shelf
> > > or two. i could see what looked
> > > like
> > > plastic-wrapped
> > > up bundles of something that looked
> > > like they were
> > > bandages and gauze, but the writing
> > > on them looked
> > > very very strange and squiggly,
> > > like
> > > they were RUNES!!
> > > yes, bandages
> > > yes, an examination table,
> > > for those who are
> > > abducted!!
> > > i then saw coming from the bunk
> > > area,
> > > several
> > > beings...
> > > i say beings they were not
> > > men!!
> > > not human race men,
> > > man
> > > was clad in a
> > > blue
> > > coveralls from head to foot....i do
> > > not know exactly
> > > what they looked like...though!
> > > one of them introduced himself.....
> > > yes, this house was a ship, a ship
> > > from another world,
> > > not of earth; he alone spoke
> > > english...he spoke for
> > > the group....they seemed to be from
> > > several worlds...
> > > He then told me that i had to have
> > > an
> > > IMPLANT so to be
> > > able to function there[to be
> > > awake],
> > > on the ship or in
> > > the world that the ship comes
> > > from!!
> > > "this will not hurt" he says....
> > > they drill one of my front teeth!!
> > > something, like of a filling, is
> > > put
> > > into this tooth!
> > > implant is implant, no
> > > matter
> > > where it is put,
> > > as long as it is in the
> > > astral
> > > soul body! they
> > > must realize that i might
> > > freak
> > > out and wake
> > > up/leave the ship if they
> > > "operate"...but they
> > > know that i have had a zillion
> > > teeth fillings
> > > and my subcounsciuos can accept
> > > that
> > > without
> > > freaking!
> > > i recall asking the "cook' in the
> > > kitchen if i could
> > > look at some food from their
> > > planet.
> > > he showed to me
> > > a jar of something that looked like
> > > cherry tomatoes,
> > > but was shaped like strawberries!!
> > > i then asked them if i could see
> > > photos of their home
> > > planet. someone got me a book. i
> > > opened it and
> > > looked at a photo.
> > > ah!!
> > > i was there!!
> > > there ON the surface of this
> > > planet....
> > > "the myst linking book, folks
> > > is
> > > REAL!! i betcha
> > > the idea of a linking book was
> > > GIVEN to the myst
> > > programmers!! many of
> > > the
> > > alien worlds,
> > > there are linking books where to
> > > look
> > > at a picture
> > > is to GO there, directly!!
> > > i make a deduction directly,
> > > folks, from this....
> > > that in the afterdeath worlds,
> > > one came go from
> > > world to world via
> > > books-as-portals!
> > > and....!!!
> > > and as Carl Sagan says..."
> > > there
> > > must be millions
> > > of inhabited worlds in our
> > > galaxy
> > > and maybe 10,000
> > > of them are of
> > > supercivilizations,
> > > many many
> > > thousands of years ahead of us"
> > > .......they would have untold
> > > numbers of
> > > afterdeath worlds for each of their
> > > earthly planets
> > > and some of them have connected to
> > > some of OUR
> > > afterdeath worlds.
> > > [maybe THAT is what these
> > > implants are for,
> > > folks---to connect a person to one
> > > of their worlds,
> > > to go there after death!!] and
> > > this ship is a
> > > portal to one of their worlds....a
> > > ship that looks
> > > like a house.
> > >
> > > i saw so so many things...wierd,
> > > the
> > > buildings had NO
> > > corners or right angles...all
> > > looked
> > > organic and maybe
> > > the closests thing to it are the
> > > computer game cities
> > > or some of the new age/fantasy
> > > cities...
> > > i saw animals that merged into each
> > > other....
> > > shops of goods that i had no idea
> > > what for...
> > > whale-sized animals that floated in
> > > the air....
> > >
> > > i returned to the ship, a building
> > > that looked more
> > > like a new age house than a
> > > spaceship/UFO!!
> > > as i left it....i noted its steps
> > > down to the astral
> > > earth....the steps to the door...
> > > i saw that there were a series of
> > > names on the bottom
> > > step!! last names of earthly
> > > people,
> > > i surmise.
> > > each last name, in english, was
> > > sepparated from the
> > > next one by only a period and there
> > > were about ten
> > > names, filling the length of the
> > > step.
> > > i also noted the subtle difference
> > > of
> > > the fact the
> > > names were readible from the INSIDE
> > > of the house!!
> > > [ah yes, the subtle is
> > > ALL...learn
> > > to look at the
> > > subtle things, to
> > > learn
> > > of why and
> > > hows!!]
> > > yes, names in english characters
> > > facing inward to the
> > > ship, not to the outside.
> > > -----end of dream!!
> > >
> > > these names.....if i were to come
> > > up
> > > to the ship and
> > > see names, i would assume that the
> > > names were names of
> > > the crewmembers.
> > > but no!
> > > the names were only readible from
> > > the
> > > inside looking
> > > out, of the ship-door! thus these
> > > names must be
> > > people on earth that are either
> > > GUIDED by these
> > > aliens, or else maybe some of the
> > > aliens are
> > > INCARNATED as earthpeople, and
> > > these
> > > ten or so names
> > > are them that are...
> > > i only recall one name...a last
> > > name...
> > > "MYER"!!
> > > there are only 100,000+ myers out
> > > there!!! this
> > > "myer" must be especially guided by
> > > people on this
> > > ship and their world! i do not
> > > recall the other
> > > names....



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7/27/2002 04:03:00 PM
I have *very* strange dreams: at least three times a week, I am taken by guides to experience places in the Spirit, afterlife, worlds!! I have even talked two-way conversatations with most of my "deceased" relatives, there!
This weblog will have some of these accounts posted, as well as my thoughts about life, now that I have been shown the relative importance of the material world compared to heaven!
From these dream experiences I have learned much about
how to live in *this* earthly
life: even more
than having these dreams prepare me for heaven!

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