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afterlife files, where I have written up my visions of experiencing out of body, obe, nde, astral travels, to heaven, afterlife, realms.

Over the years I have had many dreams
of going to heaven! That is, I have been taken, in my Spirit, astral, body
by Angels and Guides, to see and to experience places in the
afterlife, worlds. to heaven, *and* to hell! [yes, new agers, there *is* a hell[s]!!]

I have also been shown scenes from the "End Times", the earth at "earthchanges" time! Earthquakes, land changes, etc....
I have written up some of these experiences
here in this journal. Beginning around 1978, I have had
near-weekly dreams where I would go to visit other worlds that
are not on this earth plane! Some Guide would bring me to see,
for instance, the Hall of the History of mankind, or perhaps I would
actually see and then talk two way conversations with, a relative.
Many of these experiences are not recalled
very well, and only the visions that I consider to be Interesting,
I will post here on this weblog.
Plus I will also write about my life, and my thoughts, seeing how I now know that the material world is not all that there is to reality!

I have more or less turned my MY LIFE AFTER NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES weblog into a Photoblog, where I enter some of my amazing pictures, with long descriptions of each. Come, please, look at my photos!

afterlife files
Sunday, November 24, 2002
11/24/2002 02:54:00 PM

11/24/2002 02:54:00 PM
Thursday, November 21, 2002
11/21/2002 09:52:00 AM
Thursday, November 21, 2002

"War---end of the world"!!

I had a *very* interesting out of body Dream last night, one that i will remember for SOME time, until i die...[next year!]!!
Oh, it seems on the surface a simple dream, but....

An astral travel dream. I am in some place a few hundred feet inland from the shore of a lake, there are houses and places. I am told , somehow, that i am to meet some of my old friends at 8 AM in the morning and that they are coming to meet me, and meet me by coming in their car from Iowa
[they are not dead, not Spirit-land dwellers: this is spirit-land, now, where i am, and they are coming to see me from the earth, as they are still living. "Iowa" because it is mr. MacN......., an old friend from the air force and he has his hometown to be in the state of Iowa! the "car" is his "vehicle" for himself and his wife to astral travel to come and to meet me. my guess that ""8 am" is perhaps the year 2008!!]
8 am has not yet occurred as it is still very early, so i go see yet other people in a house on the hill by the lakeshore but back away from the lake. [in the spirit world, the shore of this lake is the shore of the physical world].
I meet several other of my friends and it appears that they too, come from the earth to see me and it is BEFORE 8 AM so that they come to see me before the year 2008. [ I am already dead, of course, dying probably in early 2003!]
My "reunion" is rudely interrupted by someone who is floating in the air near the ceiling of the room! he shouts and yells, all bothered and very disturbed.....yet another astral traveler who comes to the spirit world and he see me and my friends and he Is Disturbed! he shouts to me....
i try to calm him....
[before 8am, before 2008, but near 2008]

i then see that it IS near 8 am and i excuse my self to float down from the second floor of the building, amazing my friends; i tell them that i have an appointment with others. they come, the iowa
couple, and we all have a wonderfull reunion!
Again, an interruption! i could see several "japanese-y" looking girls standing near me. i told my friend that i had to leave *this* reunion as i sensed that they girls were in deep trouble! i shouted to my friend and his wife....these girls are "????"...a japanese word for "a lost spirit"...or a"spirit in trouble"

the japanese girls told me that their vehicle is stuck on the bridge between worlds and they cannot get back to earth....
So, we all go along the path, me floating through the air. up ahead i see a bridge, a narrow narrow bridge going from the 50-foot hilltop down to the lakeshore, crossing a small stream in the process: a bridge between worlds, and i see a small bycycle/sled-like "vehicle' in the middle of the bridge, stuck between posts. yes, they cannot return to earth unless this vehicle is unstuck! the earthly body could DIE soon unless help is given!
as i pondered what to do, the two girls were "wringing their hands" and muttering about the WAR and the headlines, in the paper, that were so huge and terrible!!
[some terrible war was going on and now TWO spirits, at least, have independantly reported it: i go into the future, as well as into the ASTRAL spirit world, thus i am in the future, a bit before 2008, and the Reports from other astral travelers are Not So Good: war war...a war that is much more than just a local conflict!! Course it is "terrible" if you are in the middle of it, even for a local small conflict, but somehow i get the feeling, here, folks, that they were experiencing, on earth, these people from TWO separate cultures, a war that is larger than just a "Iraqian Saddam take-out"!!]

the dream ended as i pushed the vehicle free of the posts and pushed it so that it could go back down the bridge towards the earth-plane!

---this is my Report from the future.....

11/21/2002 09:52:00 AM
Monday, November 11, 2002
11/11/2002 11:24:00 AM

---that is my Title for today. my last night's dream. good grief; a visit to the afterlife worlds, one of many i have had
over the years. I average at least two or four nights of the week, having these, but most of the experiences are
not remembered too well.
Last night. As the dream began, I just "knew" that I was going to visit some places in the afterlife, spirit, realms!
The experience began when I floated through what looked to be a long road tunnel, as if i were in a car on a road,
going through a long underpass: there was someone with me, in my car, probably my Spirit Guide that came to
take me to wherever Spirit wanted me to visit.
I, in my convertable car, came out into the open, after this tunnel [entrance to heaven, the tunnel!].
my Guide spoke of how this first lower level of the spirit world was where the Low spirits and
not-developed-in-spiritual-life, souls, first came, after death. many remain here. what i saw was an "Industrial
ruin" that "bad side of a city", the air-polluted, grey-sky nightmare!! i could see, as this "car" went along through
the scenery, scenes of old rustry crumbled factories and tenaments.
"Ghetto"----on a dreary, neverending, cloudy day!
the people that i saw? "skid row". the "homeless". "crack cocaine corner"
E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! ---- and all of everyone that i saw!
I could dimly hear the never-ending Bitching, the Street-language would make a "ghetto-rapper" Blush
with Embarrassements!
after all, many many people spent their whole lives Preparing for just this place!! Now, perhaps, thay are happy,
as NOW they have something to complain about!

yes, John, there *are* hells, in the spiritworlds: do not let the "new-agers" tell ya otherwise---I have experienced
Many many of these places!!

Tis was now apparent that I passed through some "level-barrier"....I was floating over some other world's
landscape: another heaven-level, one heaven-level-up, i guess. I floated about ten feet off of the ground. I can
only dimly recall any one thing that i saw, but i even remarked to myself, in this dream, as my Guide says strange this world was....
This world , thickly populated, and i must have spent an hour flying across miles and miles of....what appeared to
be a land that was "in" about 1700 AD!! that timespan. I could see people in "colonial" costumes and "brand new"
houses that today House-Restoration people DROOL over! As if i went back in Time. No. I did not: this place was
the next level up and just one of many many worlds, on that level.
[once, my deceased father came to talk to me, in my Dreams and he showed to me a bit of his "new york state
farmers world"---HIS words----I could see 1880 vintage farms and farm equipment of that period.
*that* was the world that my father's grandfather was born into!]
I was too too far up in the air to see really anything of detail....I have no idea whether this is a place that some of
today's dying go to, or is this place a place where residents of the "real" 1790 times went to, and are still there
yet, by Choice? probably people from both!
Then i appeared into yet another world. here, my Guide spoke....he spoke immediately as i came "up" into this
world, perhaps he Knew that a roaring car would wake me up and ruin this dream, after all it was only 3 am, and
*most* tallahassee FSU college kids are still coming home from their clubs, then, on a night-before-holiday!! he told
me this realm is a realm of "Arts and Humanities". he told me that the Temples of Art, music, and other Humaities,
are found here. I could see a brightly colored lanscape where there were many large Temple-like buildings, set
into parks. ALL of the few temples that i saw had a definite "chinese" look to them, as if this were the "china"
section of heaven. why "china"??
....because *just* as the car woke me up, i Sensed that my Sister, passed away in 1986, was a Director
"CEO" of one of these temples! [MSW social work professor and Director of hospital social work departments, in
life!]. alas, i never got to see her, perhaps this Dream was to lead up to THAT, a visit with her. one of her
"lifebitches" was how the world was full of Insensitive, lout-ty, "rednecky"
people who made life Miserable for her while alive.
How Fitting! that one of "these" people, with his loud loud muffler car, who seemed lost, and maybe drunk, trying
to find an address to let off his friend....[translation: he tooled around and around, and yet more driving, around
where i lived, making the *maximium* noise that was possible!]
yes how "fitting"----she could not see me coming up to heaven to visit her, as "one of those people" interrupted
the experience! as they always DID, in her life! thus the only way that she could reach me is to have a "redneck"
intrusion to "ruin" the experience: otherwise she would not reach me at all!! the intrusion *must* occur
simultainiously, or else she would not Contact me! If she failed to get me near her, in heaven, that car would NOT
have come by! that link, of Association, being a link-in-the-soul, Remains....remains...remains!
translation and caution: one's attitudes will carry with you into heaven for a *VERY VERY* long time!!
from Sam, my Shaman friend: he tells me from heaven that there are at least TEN years in heaven for one earthly
year that goes by. that means my sister has been in heaven at least 160 years! 160 years and the same soul
concepts are still with ya!

---*that* may mean that when i die and go see and to meet her, for the first re-unional time, three
"redneck" souls will intrude and I will let them be *equally* part of the reuinion, the five of us having the reuinion! I
will have to treat these three other souls *as if* they were as Important as my sister, as if I had known them all of
my earthly life *as* "soul-friends" of my sister!

11/11/2002 11:24:00 AM
Saturday, November 02, 2002
11/02/2002 11:52:00 AM

11/02/2002 11:52:00 AM
I have *very* strange dreams: at least three times a week, I am taken by guides to experience places in the Spirit, afterlife, worlds!! I have even talked two-way conversatations with most of my "deceased" relatives, there!
This weblog will have some of these accounts posted, as well as my thoughts about life, now that I have been shown the relative importance of the material world compared to heaven!
From these dream experiences I have learned much about
how to live in *this* earthly
life: even more
than having these dreams prepare me for heaven!

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"The best way to get to heaven is to live, now, like you were already there!"....????

----and the Goodness will never ever End!

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