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afterlife files, where I have written up my visions of experiencing out of body, obe, nde, astral travels, to heaven, afterlife, realms.

Over the years I have had many dreams
of going to heaven! That is, I have been taken, in my Spirit, astral, body
by Angels and Guides, to see and to experience places in the
afterlife, worlds. to heaven, *and* to hell! [yes, new agers, there *is* a hell[s]!!]

I have also been shown scenes from the "End Times", the earth at "earthchanges" time! Earthquakes, land changes, etc....
I have written up some of these experiences
here in this journal. Beginning around 1978, I have had
near-weekly dreams where I would go to visit other worlds that
are not on this earth plane! Some Guide would bring me to see,
for instance, the Hall of the History of mankind, or perhaps I would
actually see and then talk two way conversations with, a relative.
Many of these experiences are not recalled
very well, and only the visions that I consider to be Interesting,
I will post here on this weblog.
Plus I will also write about my life, and my thoughts, seeing how I now know that the material world is not all that there is to reality!

I have more or less turned my MY LIFE AFTER NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES weblog into a Photoblog, where I enter some of my amazing pictures, with long descriptions of each. Come, please, look at my photos!

afterlife files
Wednesday, March 17, 2004
3/17/2004 10:40:00 AM


March 17th. The anniversary of my sister's death, back in 1986. By now, I have forgotten the events, and usually I do not think about that day anymore, even *on* that anniversary day....As the years go by.
[I do not even pay attention to my Aunt's march 17th birthday, or to St. Pat's day, that Day eclipsing all, after march 17...1986!

Spirit does not forgot.
nor does Spirit let ME forget, I guess: witness last night's dream, of being taken to heaven............

The Dream began quietly enough: I awoke to find myself at the shore of a body of water, facing a house. When I entered this house, I found several people there, and it was apparent that they were wanting to travel to ?????, some place "up the road". Or that perhaps I ENCOURAGED them to leave the house and to travel.
There was a car of some sort nearby and we all got in.....
Now this dream seemed "vivid", but not giving, yet, an indication to me, the Dreamer, that this was a heaven place, in the heaven worlds....But it WAS in the Lands of spirit, from what occurs.
There was a long LONG series, hours and hours, of dimly remembered events. Basically I went along this road, stopping at *this* house, then *that* house, traveling along the pretty countryside between stops.

Then it "hit me"! This car traveled through Lands that had it where there was a period of similar vegetation for awhile, then the vegetation changed to another type; like we were traveling through Distinct Lands. All of this time, I had the very very distinct feeling that the road led "UPWARDS", even though the land seemed fairly flat!
Straight ahead: on and on through the lands.....There was one section where the plants were of a species, many species, that I had never ever seen on earth!!
In one area of open countryside, where the awareness was the *most* "awake".....I suddenly became aware that these lands that I am passing through were places that I have been dream-traveling to, for years!! Like: one land was in a dream of a month ago, another land was in a dream of three months ago! Each land was different, in the Feelings of the very air, and of the plants. I had seen these places over and over, in my dreams, for years.
Then we came to a lakeside where besides the road was a VAST Complex of buildings that looked like a "Greek temple complex", right out of some textbook!!
not in ruins: was being DEMOLISHED! I could see the men with pickaxes and the bulldozers! Only part of it left!
Then for the next ten miles the road was littered with the dropped rocks and sticks from the trucks taking the stuff to a dump!
the Phrase....'a new heaven and a new earth", came to mind, in my dream, a message to myself, I guess....From my Self!
this temple healing complex is now Outdated! *was* wonderful, but now superseded by something else someday!
The lower heavens Change, over time, as the people on earth change.....

I recall that at one house, my "charges", the people who I now see....That I was "ferrying" and urging and helping, to go onwards, upwards: they had grown so tired and exhausted that they just wanted to remain there at *that* land-spot, and not go any further! I got them to "get up" and to continue on with me. I urged them to continue advancing...

I will not ever forget what happened next!!

We all stood, the three or four of us, at a
Our route continued onwards, the other two roads were there, I see now, only to confer the message that this spot was a "spot of a Choice"!
then oh then I peered up ahead, to where this road led to. to my first sight, I only could see that there was just the hill and the lake besides the road. Then I noticed the simmering in the air: a wall of simmering light ran from horizon to horizon....I KNEW that this spot was the highest point of advancement before one progressed from the Natural heaven
to the Spiritual heaven!
[from summerland to Celestial.....To the REAL heavens}!

my heart leaped, in my chest, with the feelings to go with this!! I sensed that the land ahead was utterly utterly
different, in all ways, then what was here at the crossroads!

I then faced my "charges" and in the dream I told them something, a "something" that I "listened to" even as I spoke it, as it did not come from "me", it came from my soul itself, my higher Spiritual self!!

I told them....
"we are still in the Natural heavens, the first heaven one arrives to, after coming from earth. At this point, symbolized by this crossroads, I cannot go any further, and you all are to go on, on up the road into the True heavens of Spirit!
I will now return, walk back through the levels of the natural heaven and return to my body on earth.
My Way of spirit, is, and will be, to, after I die, and even now, to meet souls at the earth-border, and help them progress
to the beginning of the spirit lands, then go back down to earth-entrance-point, and guide more souls. I will do this
[sun has 2 billion years, or more, before life on earth stops, as the sun dies of old age, I read; could be that long that the earth supports men!!!!]

I turned to walk away from the people.
I suddenly became aware that I did not embrace them in a "farewell gesture"! As I walked away, I knew why and I told the people so, as to why, as they were yet within listening range!
[ Not the actual much so...But the meaning, I communicated!]
"I will not be "personal" with you, as you will go onwards beyond me, and I will remain. I cannot have any "attachments" to you, as eventually, in the fullness of "natural heaven time", all of the people that I had known on earth will have come through here, and I will meet some of them surely, and they all will Go Onwards, Upwards, into Spirit, to Jesus and the Saints, but I will remain until there are no more souls coming!"
Suddenly, as the people turned to me, to give to me a passing glance of farewell, their faces changed into "someone else's faces!! For only just a moment, the people became my mother and my father and my sister, all long dead!!
I see, why, now, upon thinking......Because spirit tells me that I will "let" even my closest relatives and friends "go on", and that I am to let them go, then forget about them, as they now are in the Hands of the Christ and His Helpers!
no attachments....Thus in a *VERY* profound sense, I am Alone, will be alone. I cannot become "personal" with anyone ever again....
Thus, I turned away from the faces of mama, dad, sis! They now, were "just people"....Like anyone else with Jesus Christ in their hearts, God in their souls...Enabling them to Advance into His Presence. "just people", like of the stranger in the cafe or on the bus! My "God-mission" is to turn away and to walk back down and up the path, over and over, helping other souls Progress, until there are no more souls arriving: until the "school" of the earth is over, and that there are no more human beings alive on earth, to die!

then I began to float/walk/drive back down the road, quickly, in reverse, repeating the path and stops that I made coming "up"! At the house where I encouraged my "clients" to go onwards in spite of themselves, I noted that I sensed that I will have millions of years doing this!! For ages and ages, I will meet one, or more, souls, and be "with" them for a while as they Progress from the Entrance, upwards and onwards, until they come to that Crossroads, then I will stop and see them off, to the "Real heaven"!
then repeat.
over and over.
50,000 a day Arrive: I pick one or three. Take a heavenyear, or so, to help them, then go back down again to Greet another. Probably there are thousands of other People like of me, doing this......

I came to the house by the river, where the dream began. I saw that there was a bank of fog, on the other side
of this river! The earth is there: the boundary between the living and the "dead", the Crossing point. I began to swim across and then I IMMEDIATELY awoke! 5 am....I got up, fully awake.

There was a movie that expresses this well...
...In a small small, dusty depressed Texas town, a man owns a dilapidated movie theater, the only bit of life for the young people in the town! That man discovers he has a Mission in life: to urge each and every young person who comes to see his movies, to move away to a big city, to a better life! But he, himself, can never never ever LEAVE
this town, he has to remain there until there are no more kids being born!! He will spend his whole life telling and showing kids that they can Live a life of Opportunity, off in Dallas, or somewheres! He will die in this town, not ever even VISITING the cities that he urges the teenagers to move out to!!!

3/17/2004 10:40:00 AM
I have *very* strange dreams: at least three times a week, I am taken by guides to experience places in the Spirit, afterlife, worlds!! I have even talked two-way conversatations with most of my "deceased" relatives, there!
This weblog will have some of these accounts posted, as well as my thoughts about life, now that I have been shown the relative importance of the material world compared to heaven!
From these dream experiences I have learned much about
how to live in *this* earthly
life: even more
than having these dreams prepare me for heaven!

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I have my written-up Dreams, where Guides and Angels take me to experience places in the afterlife realms, at HERE at yahoogroups
You can go there and read many interesting things of Soul and Spirit and prophecy, in the folders in the "files" section, and then perhaps subscribe to this mailing list. Many of my accounts, not written here on this weblog, are there, instead. There are also end times prophecies that i have experienced too. Plus other people's dreams and experiences that i have saved to a file.

If you sign up, at my yahoogroups site, you may get any new write-ups of new experiences, in your mailbox, but there will only be one or three per week, if that many!

the subject matter of my files are.....

[1] My Dreams and Visits to Heaven.

[2]WORLD TRADE CENTER....other people's visions and channelings, about the "how" and the "why", of this event.

[2B] my writings about AUTISM and what it is like for me to be "autistic".

[3] my alien abduction experiences: I was taken to see some of the scenes of alien worlds and even had the UFO implant experience!

[4] MY OWN visions of the endtimes and Earthchanges!

[5a] EARTHCHANGE VISIONS FROM OTHER PEOPLE... earthchange visions that i have on file from other people, channeled or envisioned!

[5] my writings upon my observations about life.

"The best way to get to heaven is to live, now, like you were already there!"....????

----and the Goodness will never ever End!

This is my photosite, where I have all of my pictures kept, with my canon a200 powershot!

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