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afterlife files, where I have written up my visions of experiencing out of body, obe, nde, astral travels, to heaven, afterlife, realms.

Over the years I have had many dreams
of going to heaven! That is, I have been taken, in my Spirit, astral, body
by Angels and Guides, to see and to experience places in the
afterlife, worlds. to heaven, *and* to hell! [yes, new agers, there *is* a hell[s]!!]

I have also been shown scenes from the "End Times", the earth at "earthchanges" time! Earthquakes, land changes, etc....
I have written up some of these experiences
here in this journal. Beginning around 1978, I have had
near-weekly dreams where I would go to visit other worlds that
are not on this earth plane! Some Guide would bring me to see,
for instance, the Hall of the History of mankind, or perhaps I would
actually see and then talk two way conversations with, a relative.
Many of these experiences are not recalled
very well, and only the visions that I consider to be Interesting,
I will post here on this weblog.
Plus I will also write about my life, and my thoughts, seeing how I now know that the material world is not all that there is to reality!

I have more or less turned my MY LIFE AFTER NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES weblog into a Photoblog, where I enter some of my amazing pictures, with long descriptions of each. Come, please, look at my photos!

afterlife files
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
11/23/2004 09:53:00 AM

Yes I like living here in Tallahassee, the photo above is from McClay gardens, a
park that was once a plantation garden. Looks subtropical all right; airplants on top of airplants and 63 inches of rain a year, and sometimes 80 degrees in November!

My dream life seems to be even more stranger then this garden!
Most of my dreams, of late, seems to have an Astral locale, but no one dream seems to stand tall to be described

---what about the dream that I had a couple of nights ago?!
I seemed to be with a family in a city, the husband seemed to infer, as I followed him about the city, that he was a "clerk" of high standing in the "state"!
I followed him about the city, a dark sky city with snow on the ground. Many of the buildings looked old and drab, and there were some buildings that had
construction that looked "other than American"! A onion skin dome, on top of some buildings.
everyone wore heavy clothes and huge hats, very cold here.
"here"??? I heard the word "Moskva" spoken.
---but who? What? And for what purpose??
no clue.

but these types of dreams intrigue me greatly as all of them where I "follow" someone, it is as if I am using another person's memories to create a dream with!
I can well enough accept the "standard" interpretation of dreams: that one creates a dream from the "brain processing" of one's days before the sleep, but what about using other people's memories?! People from all over the earth, no less, not just someone I meet with once a week in Starbucks!
is this a "OBE/astral travel"? Not in the standard sense, I feel, as all is required for these dreams is for me to just use another person's memory images
as material for my dream, thus I would "first person" these experiences, of course, a bit as if I were that person.

there have been a number of these where that person
but that the dream continued onwards as I now dreamed some of his afterlife experiences!!

just like that photo of the garden at the top of the post; I got it from the web and then I made a reference link to the URL where it came from and then I uploaded the image to the blogger ftp site and then re-downloaded it to this posting page on my blog. Using another person's image.
They could be using mine, anyone else.
[momentary "shudder": just how many of my own life experiences have it where one to three hundred other people use my experiences as their own, in their dreams??!!]
"private" is a word that I cannot ever ever use anymore!
nor can I ever say..."I would never ever do that, and anyone who does is sinful", as I often have done *just* that in my dreams, as another person, using his images and life experiences. From gay orgies to murder, from China to Japan and then Iraq, no place is not accessible.

I have Interesting dreams. Maybe most other people do too, if they would pay more attention to them, and to *NOT* just assume that their dreams are only "psychological" in origin!

11/23/2004 09:53:00 AM
Monday, November 15, 2004
11/15/2004 09:14:00 AM

---that ole "getting up from a bad dream" kind of feeling!
It *WAS* a very bad dream!!

It began when I woke up to see that I was in some huge city, and there was some poor lost soul wandering the streets, utterly clueless about anything at all. No car, no
possessions, as if he just materialized there out of the air!
in a way, I see, he DID just that, in a sense as the scenery, as this dream unfolds, appears to be not of any city on this earthplane!!
I could tell that by the "magical" way that machines operate, the "fluidness" of how the scenery changes....


but this was no cartoon! A "real world". Full of people too, and the streets stretched off to the horizon, endlessly.

I followed this guy as he stumbled from one "reality neighborhood" to another, areas of the city that seemed to have a specialty. There was a section of square miles that looked like a "ghetto" and everyone there, all 10,000+ people, where doing drugs.
in fact every single shop sells drugs of one kind or another, out in the open as if everything were utterly legal! Between the shops were many many bars and and pubs and dance places. The streets were packed with people all high on something.
then there was the Zone where there were hundreds and hundreds of rug shops and stalls where only oriental rugs were sold. All of the people there looked "middle eastern".
then there was a area of blocks and blocks of nothing but bookstores and open bookstalls as if there never ever was rain there. Packed with people of course.
the Industrial zone was next, miles and miles of foundries and pipes.
Somehow he got with a band of motorcyclists who got him out into a kind of countryside, a countryside that seemed not to obey the rules of nature and of the earth! Funny skies and roads to nowhere and to everywheres!

[poor guy. He must have died and he must have been one of the residents of my, or another, senior resident place. Maybe 80 years old and very very conservative, stuck in the 1950s in mindset and then 'against" everything of the modern age.
Not a Christian of course, no soul life at all. Perhaps a retired engineer or maybe a business person. Now he died and went to a Low Place in the afterlife, and the Guides will let him COOK in this astral hell for a bit of time! There might not have been a bit of any kind of "preparation" for the afterlife, and he might have "gone down hard" at the end of his life, a bitter old man, seeing how the 2000s
are nothing but bad..Angry and obstinate!]

so here is now is, near the end of this dream. Standing next to yet *another*
neiborhood of thousands and thousands of people who share a mindset. Lost. Bewildered. Not even knowing the name of the place that he stands in and no one to help him, to be the Authority for His Choices, like when he was alive!
[in WW II, one Obeyed authority, you could die in 10 seconds on the battlefield if you thought for yourself! In the 1944 civilian life, you placed your family, your town, your country first and you came utterly last! So as this generation grows older, they would like a leader-figure to make all of the choices in life for them, let others do the thinkings for them.
lost, utterly lost, no way to find a leader here. Everything that he denies in life seems to be all that there is, here, with a cast of 200,000!

well....He finds out soon enough what *this* neiborhood is all about!
Homo men! Hundreds of shops and hundreds of partybars and Clubs. The streets are packed body to body with thousands of homo men and mostly naked.
Suddenly, a whole block or two or three, of the gay residents, see him standing just outside of this area! They rush up to him.
As this dream ends, I see that he is mobbed by thousands of homo men, his hetrosexuality will very very soon be gone, against his will, as 3000 gay men de-flower him and make him one of their own, probably for years and years....A never-ending

ah Zitch!
there *are* hells, after all, new agers: this is not the first one that I have been to, over the years. when I astral travel to the afterlife, some of the places are NOT nice

11/15/2004 09:14:00 AM
Wednesday, November 10, 2004
11/10/2004 10:20:00 AM

well I thought that I would remind everyone that all of my dreamvisions
that I have written up, are stored in the files section of
Yahoo Groups...freestonefiles

in the "Files" section; the link is to the left of the Introductional "homepage".

there are other files there too, like.....

The Files subfolders contain------
[1] My Dreams and Visits to Heaven.

[2]WORLD TRADE CENTER....Other people's visions and
channelings, about the "how" and the "why", of this event.

[2B] my writings about AUTISM and what it is like for me
to be "autistic".

[3] my alien abduction experiences:
I was taken to see some of the scenes
of alien worlds and even had the UFO implant experience!

[4] MY OWN visions of the endtimes and Earthchanges!

earthchange visions that I have on file from other people,
channeled or envisioned!

[5] my writings upon my
observations about life.

I have now written up about 30 or more of these dreams that I have had since about 1970, and I will add yet more, as I have had over 100, since 1970.
Now, about three times a week, I have dreams that are really visits to the astral heavenly worlds!!
So, please go there to read them, if you are interested. You may share these with others without my permission, but if you QUOTE them somewheres, please send to me the URL so that I can also see that site and the quote! I might be interested in bookmarking that site in

Once you are there, at my yahoogroups freestonefiles, as this "site" is also a yahoogroups mailing list, you can sign up
to receive any new postings that I add to my files there.
[there is an option in the configuration, to set the mails so that none come to your mailbox, you come to the site to read the files!]
you might also have to "sign up" for free, to become a member of yahoo, but then again if you also subscribe to anything of Yahoo, like the mailbox or the messenger service, you already are a member of the yahoo groups!!
[check out the zillion other mailing list too, surely there are others that you might like!]

11/10/2004 10:20:00 AM
I have *very* strange dreams: at least three times a week, I am taken by guides to experience places in the Spirit, afterlife, worlds!! I have even talked two-way conversatations with most of my "deceased" relatives, there!
This weblog will have some of these accounts posted, as well as my thoughts about life, now that I have been shown the relative importance of the material world compared to heaven!
From these dream experiences I have learned much about
how to live in *this* earthly
life: even more
than having these dreams prepare me for heaven!

Sign up for my Notify List and get email when I update!

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I have my written-up Dreams, where Guides and Angels take me to experience places in the afterlife realms, at HERE at yahoogroups
You can go there and read many interesting things of Soul and Spirit and prophecy, in the folders in the "files" section, and then perhaps subscribe to this mailing list. Many of my accounts, not written here on this weblog, are there, instead. There are also end times prophecies that i have experienced too. Plus other people's dreams and experiences that i have saved to a file.

If you sign up, at my yahoogroups site, you may get any new write-ups of new experiences, in your mailbox, but there will only be one or three per week, if that many!

the subject matter of my files are.....

[1] My Dreams and Visits to Heaven.

[2]WORLD TRADE CENTER....other people's visions and channelings, about the "how" and the "why", of this event.

[2B] my writings about AUTISM and what it is like for me to be "autistic".

[3] my alien abduction experiences: I was taken to see some of the scenes of alien worlds and even had the UFO implant experience!

[4] MY OWN visions of the endtimes and Earthchanges!

[5a] EARTHCHANGE VISIONS FROM OTHER PEOPLE... earthchange visions that i have on file from other people, channeled or envisioned!

[5] my writings upon my observations about life.

"The best way to get to heaven is to live, now, like you were already there!"....????

----and the Goodness will never ever End!

This is my photosite, where I have all of my pictures kept, with my canon a200 powershot!

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