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afterlife files, where I have written up my visions of experiencing out of body, obe, nde, astral travels, to heaven, afterlife, realms.

Over the years I have had many dreams
of going to heaven! That is, I have been taken, in my Spirit, astral, body
by Angels and Guides, to see and to experience places in the
afterlife, worlds. to heaven, *and* to hell! [yes, new agers, there *is* a hell[s]!!]

I have also been shown scenes from the "End Times", the earth at "earthchanges" time! Earthquakes, land changes, etc....
I have written up some of these experiences
here in this journal. Beginning around 1978, I have had
near-weekly dreams where I would go to visit other worlds that
are not on this earth plane! Some Guide would bring me to see,
for instance, the Hall of the History of mankind, or perhaps I would
actually see and then talk two way conversations with, a relative.
Many of these experiences are not recalled
very well, and only the visions that I consider to be Interesting,
I will post here on this weblog.
Plus I will also write about my life, and my thoughts, seeing how I now know that the material world is not all that there is to reality!

I have more or less turned my MY LIFE AFTER NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES weblog into a Photoblog, where I enter some of my amazing pictures, with long descriptions of each. Come, please, look at my photos!

afterlife files
Friday, May 27, 2005
5/27/2005 10:37:00 AM

I replied to someone, on a forum , to how this person writes that she dreams her dreams where she is not herself, but another person, in her dreams! She "is" that other person. I write about how I also experience this.

ever since about 1980, I have many, if not most, of my dreams have it where I
seem to BE someone else! The only common denominator seems to be that this has
to be an out of body dream where I go to one of the heavenworlds where we all go
to after we die.

I have seen and done things that this here Freestone guy would never ever in
his waking life do!

Things like a gay orgy with 20 naked men all writhing together as a group orgy!


how many way have I relived someone's death, let me not count the ways!

shooting. Falling off of a cliff. Drowning. Accidents....

I have seen Saddam, I have sat in Russian homes, Iraq cafes, French farms...Or
at least the astral equivalents.

I am beginning to feel, myself, that the ways of heaven itself are changing so
that "indivuality" will not mean what it means here on earth! I suspect that
we all will exchange bodies there as a normal thing. If I meet someone, I will
not talk about my life, he will re-live it!

I cannot now afford to have any bias towards any way of life or culture as I
Have Sometimes been there. Living AS a black man, in one dream. Doing satanic
rituals, in another. The gay orgy, more than one time. A woman too...

Thus any "ism" on earth, like alcoholism, in someone, why in heaven I might
spend heaven years living that earthly guy that I met, living as his

eventually, in the higher heavens, I suspect that only counsciouness IS! Anyone
can be anyone.
thus...If you do not like someone, here on earth, that "dislike" is a Touching,
a bonding" and you will live that in heaven. And he/she, you!
...And I think that this change has only been going on for 20 or 30 years, in
heaven [earthtime]. Something new in heaven, part of the "new heavens new
earth" that the bible writes of, after the end times finishes.

--- In, "C... Wrote:

> I do this as well... Seeing through another's eyes.

> I have "tuned in" to others too...
[another person replies that she too dreams her dreams as if she were another person, experiencing though that
person's eyes!]

> C.....
[my reply to her]

Hi C..., hi all!

I believe that this is Interesting Stuff! Important Stuff!

Not only am I amazed at all of this, I feel that this type of dreaming is relatively "new"; has occurred only within the last 40 or so years. I would imagine that this has always occurred, but since 1960, more people have experienced this. Perhaps in the earlier past, only "adepts" who were Initiated and old old souls have had dreams like of this, or "ordinary" people during times of great Importance, in their dreams lives as they lived on earth.
But, nowadays, more of the "ordinary" middle aged souls experience this, and experience this more, during their lives.
I have a further theory: that these dreams portend a great change in the heavens too, for us all, when we get there to live, as us Astral travelers now make short trips only. That there must be some "great sea change" in the way that the heavens are being re-constituted, to reflect this "new age to come"! [after the end times...A new heaven and a new earth" {the Bible}]

and what might *be* this new heaven? [freestone only conjectures from his own astral travel experiences]
----that there is a fundamental change in what it means to be an "individual"! An individual soul. I suspect that the "old' heaven had it where when I die, I am myself, a soul called "freestone" who looks like me, only maybe at 30 years old.
but now...??
perhaps there is a fundamental difference between the "I" and "what I am aware of"! This sentence, above, sounds so abstract, but to me it is OH so revolutionary! If the "I" were inviolate, always in its Castle of self, then I would say that I live in my soul, I "am" my soul, aware of other souls around me, in, say, a room. But if the "I" were of this new order of things, then "I" is interchangeable! There is no difference between one "I" and another!
thus they can interchange at will. If I peer out of your eyes with all of your memories and feelings and mind-images, that you have, as my "outer circle" of awareness, then I am YOU!!
I ALSO suspect that this is anything but random! [oh another mind-blower!!] what would constitute my "I" becoming "your soul" would probably be through some Contact, either within the earthly
past or from some encounter in heaven. That is.....If I were to "touch" you while I and you were alive on earth, then we two could "interchange" in the afterlife. And I am not even sure an "interchange" is required either as I is I: true Merging!
---and just *what* would constitute a "Contact"?!! Well, for sure, two souls relating with each other, even for a minute. But I THINK there is more! From my own experience, I sense that even if I look at a photogragh of a person, or hear the voice. Maybe even reading, in words, about this person!
[maybe this is why the Saddam!] even people in the paper, reading about the serial killer or the boy scout leader doing good things for the boys in some small town!
but I think that there is something about the Internet, any contact there to another person is, I feel, *much* more "binding"
as the internet itself, I feel, is the spiritual analogy to the
"Vine" that is the vine of Jesus....."I am the Vine and ye all are the branches thereof", where the internet is the earthly analogy for
the interconnectedness of all souls through the Christ, in heaven!

now for the "mindblowing" aspect of this! The Manner of the contact will translate to how I "receive" it as you when I am you, in heaven! Oh so so "abstract" but what this means in actuality
is...If I, a husband, verbally abuse my wife, while we live together on earth, in the afterlife, I will EXPERIENCE, as her, all of her feelings, heightened and intensified as per how heaven does this
"intensification", all of her feelings resulting from my abuse!!

in a sentence.
"what goes around comes around".
"what ye do unto others, ye do to yourself"!


If you give out love, you will get that as you experience as the person you loved, this love.

-----As I will briefly elaborate: since about 1980, any dream that I have, I never ever can be now sure that it is I, freestone" that is doing the experience of this dream! That dream where I approached Saddam: would he had also seen me looking like the earthly Freestone Wilson, or would he have seen me as someone he knew, a fellow Iraqian?! I do not know. [I wonder how it will be, some day, as surely I will have to do this, to live *AS* Saddam?!
to experience some or all, of his life?]
I can think of a valid reason: suppose in a "counseling/soul healing" sense, if I were a healer, I would become the "I" of Saddam where I =the I of Saddam; one I for two souls. I would then remember the few good experiences that "I" had, in my childhood, the few wonderful experiences that might have made Saddam a kinder man.
In effect, by having myself recall them, Saddam recalls them, where he could not do it on his own. Thus in a sense, as he "remembers"
his childhood, he can go back to that state and then with the help of other Teachers, begin to Start from There, to begin a positive soul journey upwards in progression of spirit.

[another idea: that this type of "I = I" dreaming, is being done, now, more by souls that are in earthly trainings to become soul
counselors and healers, in the afterlife realms. Maybe after the great 2005-2011 disasters send from 2% TO 80% of the world's souls into heaven faster, then Spirit needs all the helpers than can Enlist, for this "career". I, myself, have been Told, that I will
be a such healer, after I die!]

anyway: using this Saddam dream as an example, my suspicion is that I am not done with him by any means.

well, I have rambled on long enough perhaps...Time to post this, but
as I now walk the earth, in my daily walks, anyone that I meet, whether a young girl, a homeless psychotic, a office clerk, an alcoholic, a gay man: I AM EACH ONE OF THEM, in, now, a profound profound sense!! And, I will have to do "psychic ecology", as I think and feel about each person that I meet upon the street, I would now want to feel good about


5/27/2005 10:37:00 AM
Friday, May 20, 2005
5/20/2005 08:34:00 AM

Posted: Thu May 19, 2005 6:47 pm Post subject: dream of a DE-pressing world!


hi all...

last night's dream!

I was aware that I was somewhere in a small city by a lake. I stood on this street or road, I had a distinct depressing feeling. The very air was grey looking. I saw cars that looking NOTHING like cars of today or cars of any era! Heavy metal. Clunky. No plastic in *this* world, I guess!
[cars had heavy metal bodies]
The cars were mostly black or red in color. These cars, as well as the buildings, the people's clothes, the very faces of the walking-by people, all had given to me a distinct feeling of..."No imagination, no enthusiasm, no hope".

someone told me..."The fortunate ones are the ones who are dead"....

everything that was built had a simple clunkness to it.

Looked a bit like the 1930s, and then life was stuck in the 1930s, for 70 years!

---a "probable, possible future"?!
.....An alternate reality?
.....Life on an alien planet?!

Then I had a deep voice speak. As if there was a moderator or guide behind my back, someone who might have brought me to here to see this place.
He told me that what I am seeing was NOT a possible future, not a probable world or even an alternate reality! He then told me that this place was the regular American world, but the scenes were of a "drama"
created by spirits, as a "teaching movie"!
[I was watching a imagination created by spirits. I have read, years ago, that whatever is created by a spirit, or especially by a group of spirits who specialize in this, as a bit of imagination, of mental images; and then Given to someone down on earth, in a dream or in a meditation, while
this "imagination" is only that, to the spirit residents, this mental image[s],
when gotten by an earth dweller, are MORE real to him than even his waking life's outer images! I suspect many prophecies, here on this group, are of this!]

anyway. This guide then spoke of how something is profoundly missing, in this civilization, if "something" had not occurred years ago, a something that DID occur, here on earth, in our reality, and this drama was to show what would have been the result of this "something", if it did not occur at all!
no science, of the 50s, NO "newage/hippie" of the 60s/70s!
no internet.
in fact, none of the "quickening" of the 1960-2005+ occurs at all!

thus the world-reality resulting would be something like the 1890 "great depression" to continue and continue, on and on.

why was I shown this?
---there was a further suggestion, by the guide, that a few people, in the last 100 years, Made a Difference, and what they "seeded" was of utter importance!
[the tipping point, maybe, like of the "100th monkey"; because *this* or *that* individual failed to do his/her thing, the critical mass was not reached, and the Ignition was not done!

no hope and no future and every object made was for Utility only, no imagination or "flight of the soul and spirit" inner imaginations!

the Point?!!

----maybe to tell me that anyone *could* be the Tipper, of something, of anything, in our society! Someone could be even thinking of an Idea, the 269th person to think this, this year, and a critical mass has been done so
that at number 269, the idea goes Critical, and soon everyone is aware of this idea!

---a farmer walks along the road and see his neighbor lift up a huge rock hammer and bring it down upon a huge rock and at this not-so-hard blow, the rock shatters.
"nice show there Zeek", he says....

Zek replies," yeah, you should have seen my other 49 blows that I hit upon this rock, before you came along! Each blow must have made a zillion tiny cracks but I could not see them, but each blow contributed to the crackings until all the rock went at once!"

suppose this Zeek gave up on the 47th blow?!!


5/20/2005 08:34:00 AM
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
5/18/2005 08:46:00 AM

Hi all....

last night, the early am of the 18th, I had a small dream, the last dream of some astral series, that was dreamed this morning.
Here I was, standing on a road out in the open air countryside and there appeared in front of me, as I had walked up to it, a two inch wide crack in the road! Not only a couple of inches wide, one side of the ground was about an inch above the other land on the other side of this crack. Ah....What struck me was that this here crack stretched from horizon to horizon! I had also the feeling that this crack extended downwards to bedrock and then way way down below even that bedrock.

then I heard a voice! The "proverbial voice in the sky"!
the man's voice said, The two ages have separated, the new age has begun. However, the Changes have for the time being, stopped, and this stoppage will continue for an unknown period of time"!
....End of dream.


after all, I had been warned in dreams for months and months, now, that I might die soon. If this dream is personal, then it means that my life on earth is over, but I will "stand at the Threshold" of heaven's gate, for awhile, almost as if I live a bit in heaven while still here on earth! I might have one year, two years, or many more; living as if I am "stuck" with one foot in heaven and one foot still here on earth!

If this here dream is referring to the collective, in addition or also, this would infer that the
"new fourth [or five, depending on how this is counted] dimensional vibrations, of the new age, for us all, has started very very recently, but that we all are still here on earth, instead of living in the "ascended" realms! Thus we all are living a bit, now, as if we are living in a spirit world with SPIRITUAL LAWS activated, to govern our soul lives, while still living in the material world with ITS laws still operative!

there could be great opportunities for spiritual growth, to manifest your dreams; but great conflicts too, such as the person who genetically needs to eat meat, feeling the ever
increasing "feeling pain" over the killing of animals!
also "dangerous" as this also infers that "cause and effect" is quicker, that is, what you pray for you will get ever the faster, now, with more intense results and one had better begin to "work" on the negativities that are buried deep in the unconsciousness, as these negativities will ALSO
get what they want, in the life expressions, too!!

Too, the message also says that this condition will be here for awhile, until ????, the speaker/guide did not know or that "only the Lord knows"!
2011 is 6 years away. Could last that long, maybe not.
Also, this dreamvision infers that there will not be any more "crack separations"?
for awhile either: the foreseen great earthchanges, seen and foreseen by the psychics and prophets, here on the forums, and elsewheres, why their changes are now on Hold too!

so we all, at least myself, have a bit more time, more Grace, more time to have our "Indian summer".

this Condition must be Unique, In the histories of galactic planets in our galaxy[I ramble a bit more on this]. Here the
higher dimensional laws and conditions are supposed to becoming Operative, as if we all have become Ascended, but instead of living in a spirit world with its laws and Conditions, we are still on the earthsphere with its laws and conditions!
thus we are now living with one foot in heaven and one foot still firmly planted here on earth! Use your Imagination to consider what our lives will become like! [make for a good fantasy novel: the conflicts and opportunities abound, for each soul, for each nation!]
In a sense, as two worlds cannot co-exist in the same vibration, our immediate futures could be very *very* interesting!


5/18/2005 08:46:00 AM
Friday, May 13, 2005
5/13/2005 09:55:00 AM

may 13 2005

5/13/2005 09:55:00 AM
Thursday, May 12, 2005
5/12/2005 10:36:00 AM

Outdid myself, in the dream dept. last night!!

one of those first person, i was there, dreams. I was someone else, living his life.

Dream begins when I awake to the dream where i am sitting in a bar cafe in a small city somewheres, i found later, up north, maybe in upstate new york around Rochester or syracuse, a small town near those cities.
I feel depressed. I am surrounded by tables full of other depressed mostly men, men who are fat, in the "wrong" kind of fat, fat that indicates a kind of Real slothfullness! the air is full of cigarette smoke, so thick that one could cut it with a knife!!
[*that* tells me that the man that i "am", might be "dead", the time of a smoke filled bar ending years ago. this man might be now living in the spirit world!]

next scene:
I am now walking out into the countryside, from my town. i had just moved there from the South, recently, looking for better work of some kind and i have yet to find it. The summer is near over and i dread the cold to come, i miss the south. Got to find work. there is little meaning in my life and i know it and i know that there is more to life than to sit depressed all day, those men in the bar, for instance, have not taken a hand in their own lives, to direct their lives.

Next scene:
I am now standing in a field, a late summer day, almost dark and i am so so tired, having done this "walkabout" all day long. need to get a grip on my "life meaning".
I fall down on the soft grass and immediately fall asleep!
I have a dream [in a dream i dream of having a dream!] I repeat, sitting somewheres, my ruminations of the hours before! then, I sense that there are people in the air above me! i look up to see a whole group of people "up there" floating in the air and then even a few more people above them. the upper people have a Golden glow around their heads. the bottom-most people: somone then began to tell me about how all of life is inspired by angels and souls from the heavenworlds and there are the "golden Ones" who direct it all. The master souls are in charge, Jesus and the others...
The speaker then told of how my life should follow my pre-incarnational agreement path.........
"....", as there was much that i cannot remember, the dream can not tell, in worlds, of the deep awe-feelings that came to this dreamer, as he beheld these angels!

next scene: he wakes up and eventually walks back to town, i can see that the town has maybe only about 3000 people in it, by the size of the business district. but i could also see small factories around, out in the country. he re-enters the barcafe and then finds out how the couple who own it are nice people. [from now on, his life is much much more optimistic!]

next scene: he takes a walk out into the poorer section of town. he sees a group of about 5 or 8 black men having a "behind the house social". he hears them talk, they all sound so happy and so ebulently laughing, he wants to find out why and how they are so such! he hesitates to intrude, he gets up some courgage and he walks up to them all. after a few minutes of akwardness, they sense that he means well, and they tell him about how the Union pays a good wage, for being so blue collar, and that Life Is Good. their families are good and the poor houses are cheap to keep up. He walks away impressed, he senses that they all have "soul", and that is Important.

next scene: that night he dreams yet again. and i again dream his dream as if i dreamed it myself. After some vague motions of walking along a street, he enters a house and then other people enter from other doors. I see that most, if not all, of the people are of the Afro race. men and women. eventually maybe there were about 12 to 15 people in the room. what happens next is very VERY hard to find words for as all words will mean something else in addition to what i mean: take me ten pages to try to tell, so i will truncate severely! music began to play, but the sounds came not from any Device, the singing came from a person not present in the room: this room is in the spirit worlds and another soul, outside of the group, linked to the group, was singing. the song was a black blues very "old soul" kind of singing. As if a mississippi blues singer had found Meaning to his life, in the spirit worlds, and this meaning-feeling was being broadcast into the group. his "tone" was that of...."life is rich and full, of meaning and of spirit and that we all are connected to each other and all through Spirit, with the great Spirit above animating all. I heard also 'not angry"
hiphp/rap songs too, coming from others somewheres else.
Too...theere were several black men present who looked to be "shamans" or spiritual leaders, when alive on earth, maybe from the afro spiritist religion days, of Umbanda/santarista/voodoun! there were several very very charasmic "medicine men" type of people there, in dress and garb that infers to me such of a earthly life. It then dawned on me that this group of 15 people were linked to maybe hundreds, thousands, of other people, far away, as if everyone was "connected", and that all the outside people knew what is going on in the room, the "ultimate" cell phones!!
a "group orgy" without the sex! but as if the "orgasm" involved everything!! very hard to explain. every thought, every feeling, every image, was sexually charged AS
a sex experience, as if the private parts sex orgasim is "transfered" to every other possible experience: life BECOMES a sex experience in every way, every moment and second!

a kind of merging of souls.....

everyone could see, hear, experience, anything that anyone else had experienced, in their lives, all sexually charged in a kind of mystical union! each "I", of a person" experiences all other "I's", as themselves! thus there was just one I there. a great extant, all of the other souls, no matter how distant, expereinced this Union too!
Then everyone separated from this "great hug", and began to leave the room. I felt a great sense that even as we left, that on a higher vibrational level, the separation does not occur: that this mystical sexual union was...IS still going on, and that it will never EVER end! thus for those 15 people, whether spirits/souls, or other out of body people, they are now connected for Life, on earth, and for ever
after they die!

----end of dream.

I suspect this dream of the Union occured to this person, in response to why those black men were so HAPPY! even i could tell, as he talked to them, that their happyness comes from a far far deeper source than of mere jobs and good living conditions! they were connected to souls and spirits both in body and out of body, connected in a way far more "connected" than of "mere" physical sex union!
connected too, to the Shamans and healer priests, from maybe other African times or from other distant countries, like of Brazil, where the Spiritist religions are very alive and well, there. yes, connected even as they live in a nother usa town and work in a factory.
too, this event is also a reflection of this man's sleeping dream as he lay on the grass, where he experienced the angels who are in turn being guided by the GOLDEN ONES above them. all are thus interconneted, from the top level of spirit on down to him!

inference: there is a great mystery of the black race, from this event!
we do not know the black race, at all! there is so much to learn, that is not of "mind", from them!
inference: many many people separated by distance and even time, are closer to each other than even "man/wife" and "mother/child"!!
a SOUL FAMILY, where each individual is part of another individual!
inference: this dreamer that i seemed to "first person follow" is also thus connected! I, the "follower", me, freestone, as i had the experience alng with them all, am also connected to this large group of people!

5/12/2005 10:36:00 AM
Monday, May 09, 2005
5/09/2005 11:55:00 AM

A series of astral travels where i am taken by guides to see places on heaven and earth, and of the Great Outpouring of spirit, soon, upon the earth!!

---A dream from my other files, from a while ago!

....Oh what Interesting astral travel, OBE, dreams I
had last night!!
*that*, sports fans...Is the Understatement of the

Yes, I am amazed at my dream experiences. Only I do
not call these experiences dreams as they are
Experiences. There were several last night.
.....A Guide appeared to me and this guide wanted to
show to me how
sleeping people are guided into having OBE
experiences, to see astrally the earthplane and to see
heavenworlds too!
The two of us then went out of the astral heavens to a
lady's house, on earth, where she was sleeping and shortly
thereafter, the three of us were floating twenty feet
above the road in front of her rural home. I went,
with her upwards several hundred feet and then I saw
what she saw: she peered upwards at the glowing stars,
but what became apparent was, as if she were
peering DOWN onto earth's landscape from about 500
feet. But the land that she saw was not her earth home, it
was a land in Heaven!
Instead of stars she saw hundreds of dwellings and
forests and fields, of heavenland!! My guide then
told me..."Now that she has seen that heaven is
real.....Lets hope she remembers this upon
awakening we ought to give to her a Memory that she can recall, later, after she awakes.

[If she can remember this dream that is NOT a dream, of heaven, she could
then, in her life, always know that she will go to heaven after
she dies, and then not be so caught up in the identification with the material world's values!]

then we both
hit her head real hard with our hands so that she, while yet asleep and dreaming,
she then could actually feel the blows and thus she would wake
up: my guide was afraid that if she kept on sleeping,
she would awaken in the morning and not remember this
experience of experiences!
thus we both hit her and she woke up, this dream now
burned into her memory!

...My next out of body dream scene. The two of us, guide and myself,
were somewheres in the state of Texas, by a lake,
the guide showing me a ruins, in a field, of some
sect's camp. It was obvious, to me, that this place, this burnt out place,
was once a religious "camp" of some kind [Koresh/Branch davidrarians-Waco??!] then both of us
flew eastwards over the wooded, fielded, landscape
to....A black couple, in their home, somewheres in
Louisiana! The black man wanted to keep looking for
work in the oil fields and she wanted to go home to
mother, east
of the river: they were about to split, we listened
to the arguments: this marriage will not work!

.....Next scene. A man in a lab somewheres, we
talked about how the material that he is working with
is....Speakers for a sound system...A copy of the
earth's speakers but made of a different material than
of the physical. [this place is in the afterlife. Probably a lab for making
speakers for audio systems that exist *in* heaven.
yes, stereo and computers in the afterlife!!].
inference: that speakers exist in heaven, probably
computers and the internet too!! They may not look
like the earthly counterparts, but serve the same

...Next scene. An amazing place, looked like a large
"church social meeting hall with dining tables filling
the hall": all the 100+
tables had white tablecloths, with dishes and food.
then, many many people came in and sat down to eat
and to socialize. It became apparent soon that me and
my guide were at some large social gathering of
MEDIUMS! Most were women, and nearly all were heavy
and weighed about 200 pounds each, if they were people
of earth: but they were residents of a heavenrealm so
that weight does not matter! This meeting was in one of the heavenworlds.
[there is food in the afterlife!]

[once a pyschic at a
camp in new York state told me that this is so, that
most psychics and mediums are a bit
heavy..."Overweight" as the more body cells that one
has, the more astral ectoplasim spirit matter can be
generated by their bodies so to connect with the
spirit world with!] I sat at the very back end
table, at the very very left end, in the experience of the 100 tables, above. I sat there perhaps as I was
"new", or perhaps that all the mediums were RESIDENTS
of heavenworld and I was not! The lady to my
immediate right was a 250 pound black "mamie"...She
had about ten small "babies" all around her, in the
air, floating in the air! She must either be a
"mother" in another place, in spirit, where the babies go
if they die, on earth, very young, *as* a baby, or that she oversees a bunch
of babies on earth, as a guide, and these
babies around her are the astral projections of her charges, sleeping
in various cribs, in homes, on the earth!

.......Next scene. A more or less "formal"
meeting between me, my guide, and a group of people
from this medium meeting. These were the leaders of
this group of people. All of them wore white robes
that had a faint but distinctive tinge of green to the
color, a certain type of green that I have seen before
in books of spirits, a green that means..."Healers of
our talk?
it was about how I am Joining with them, becoming one
of the members of this group. There was inference
that the Purpose of this group, one group amongst
many similar groups, in heaven,....Was to have
each member go to the earthplane, in spirit, to be
Guides to living people, one on one. They talked of a
Great Oncoming Event, here on earth, in a year or
three, an event that could be much like the PENTECOST
a few weeks after Jesus's death, where the Pentecostal
"dove" descends, spirit outpours down upon the
earthsphere and heaven and earth become *very* very
the earth's people will have a huge spiritual revival
and the New Religion will be a "Spiritualist" religion
where everyone will have a direct perception of spirit
and their own connections with spirit. There will be
guides for each person.
"a few months to a year or so, from now"...I had the
feeling. However "time" has a different flow in heaven, so
that "one year" in heaven, could be ten years here on earth!!

so from what I have overheard, sports fans.....In my
being with these souls, that there will be very very
soon, maybe in a year, maybe in ten years...This great
GREAT outpouring of spirit upon the earth and vast
numbers of guides will contact the earthpeoples. It
will be like that great outpouring of spirit upon the
disciples shortly after Jesus ascended, and the Gifts
of spirit were given. To each person, though, not
like of a whole church or nation. Each person will
have the Awakening of his soul into constant communion
with Spirit, spirits, and the spirit world, *while*
living on earth!!

5/09/2005 11:55:00 AM
I have *very* strange dreams: at least three times a week, I am taken by guides to experience places in the Spirit, afterlife, worlds!! I have even talked two-way conversatations with most of my "deceased" relatives, there!
This weblog will have some of these accounts posted, as well as my thoughts about life, now that I have been shown the relative importance of the material world compared to heaven!
From these dream experiences I have learned much about
how to live in *this* earthly
life: even more
than having these dreams prepare me for heaven!

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I have my written-up Dreams, where Guides and Angels take me to experience places in the afterlife realms, at HERE at yahoogroups
You can go there and read many interesting things of Soul and Spirit and prophecy, in the folders in the "files" section, and then perhaps subscribe to this mailing list. Many of my accounts, not written here on this weblog, are there, instead. There are also end times prophecies that i have experienced too. Plus other people's dreams and experiences that i have saved to a file.

If you sign up, at my yahoogroups site, you may get any new write-ups of new experiences, in your mailbox, but there will only be one or three per week, if that many!

the subject matter of my files are.....

[1] My Dreams and Visits to Heaven.

[2]WORLD TRADE CENTER....other people's visions and channelings, about the "how" and the "why", of this event.

[2B] my writings about AUTISM and what it is like for me to be "autistic".

[3] my alien abduction experiences: I was taken to see some of the scenes of alien worlds and even had the UFO implant experience!

[4] MY OWN visions of the endtimes and Earthchanges!

[5a] EARTHCHANGE VISIONS FROM OTHER PEOPLE... earthchange visions that i have on file from other people, channeled or envisioned!

[5] my writings upon my observations about life.

"The best way to get to heaven is to live, now, like you were already there!"....????

----and the Goodness will never ever End!

This is my photosite, where I have all of my pictures kept, with my canon a200 powershot!

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