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afterlife files, where I have written up my visions of experiencing out of body, obe, nde, astral travels, to heaven, afterlife, realms.

Over the years I have had many dreams
of going to heaven! That is, I have been taken, in my Spirit, astral, body
by Angels and Guides, to see and to experience places in the
afterlife, worlds. to heaven, *and* to hell! [yes, new agers, there *is* a hell[s]!!]

I have also been shown scenes from the "End Times", the earth at "earthchanges" time! Earthquakes, land changes, etc....
I have written up some of these experiences
here in this journal. Beginning around 1978, I have had
near-weekly dreams where I would go to visit other worlds that
are not on this earth plane! Some Guide would bring me to see,
for instance, the Hall of the History of mankind, or perhaps I would
actually see and then talk two way conversations with, a relative.
Many of these experiences are not recalled
very well, and only the visions that I consider to be Interesting,
I will post here on this weblog.
Plus I will also write about my life, and my thoughts, seeing how I now know that the material world is not all that there is to reality!

I have more or less turned my MY LIFE AFTER NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES weblog into a Photoblog, where I enter some of my amazing pictures, with long descriptions of each. Come, please, look at my photos!

afterlife files
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
9/27/2005 10:46:00 AM

I have had, over the last few days, a series of personal-type dreams where there was personal information given to me over my immediate future for the next few years!
[too bad i cannot describe these dreams as they are so "personal-symbol driven"! Would mean nothing to anyone else!]

These guides or and angels or spirits....seemed to not infer that I would not die of any great earthchanges/wars/sicknesses, either locally or globally, until 2011/12. But that the fall of 2011 is the

[for me, and for many of us all!]

I have been taking a couple of "prayer walks" over these several dreams, during these last few days and I have come up with a few Conclusions.

The element of Grace will be present for the next six years, like of having Rita get weaker before landfall, and Rita hitting relatively unpopulated areas.
Five years of Grace: the events of disasters, 2005-2011, will be then of the variety of

"at the sight of the Whip the Horse obeys"!

[in older days of buggies and plows where horsepower *meant* horsepower, there were many ways to teach and to train a horse. One of the major ways was to gently use a whip on the horse to direct it to do or not to do something. Soon, the very sight of this whip will have the horse
do this correct act, no need to actually USE this whip on him! ]

Thus while the number of disasters will increase, they will be the "whips"!
Then all of us will ponder these events and hopefully then heed the Lessons these events teach! Do no Classroom good just to burn down the classroom! Best, i feel spirit is going to do, is to have just enough disasters to teach us all our Lessons of soul and spirit, in these latter days!

And..."LATTER DAYS" these are, as the end of this age's timeline, according to my own dream reckonings, is 2011/12!

Probably this is when i will die, along with many many others!
[Freestone ponders a moment on *what* this 2011/12 event might be, as this was not inferred in my dreams. maybe not only my own death, but maybe some event could occur that future historians would call "the score line of the ages", *IF* there are historians around to ponder this 2011, 50 years further into the future!]

In other words, I hope that many of the "terrible" predictions for 2005-2011 will not pan out to be so "terrible"! maybe only a 6 richter in new madrid or a 5 richter
in california, for instance!
*this* , then is where the psychic saw correctly, but then God's Grace softens the blow, but still keeps this blow active so that Lessons can be learned.

the only "feel" that i have for 2011/12 is of this, a kind of "intuitive" feel that comes with an Image, a series of images that burn in my brain, images that come with precious little "given" meanings, thus the images stand alone, nearly, and thus a bit "indigestible", and if i were to further interpet these Given Images, with my own interpetations, why then you all would then just be reading *MY* own slant on things, instead of what was Given!
the [ ] is part of the Given image, not my own interpetation.

A man walking along the Road.
[the man is the human race, and the road is the history]

Off away from the road is the Hill of Spirit, the land is higher there, non physical vibrations. the spirit lands, both Celestial and lower astral. Tall trees growing at the top of this hill cast shadows down across this road, the walking man, along his journey, walks across these casted tree shadows.
[each shadow is an incarnation of a Great Teacher for all of Humanity.
read: the Avatars, like Jesus or Krisna, these trees are the manifestations of the Soul called the "Christ"! each shadow begins the next Dispensation, the next class lesson for all of humanity]

this road now comes up to this hill base, and begins to climb up.
[the exact Point that this road begins to climb up, is when all of humanity becoes "non-physical". the history of mankind now is a spirit history, we live now in the spirit worlds, no more Incarnations on the earth.
This exact moment of when this road touches the base of this hill is the "harvest", the moment that we all have waited for with fear and hope, in our myths: no wonder there are so many people now incarnate!

--the scene shifts.....
a picture of creature-like entities that look a bit like "manatees" or whales, in the sea.
They are the Angels that control the earth movements. If they are given the orders, why 50 volcanoes could go off at once or an astroid is "directed" to come to the earth!
At this moment of Time, of the road hitting the base of the hill, these angels are Told to do their thing. the earth upheaves in what ever way that it will.

last scene.
A County Courthouse.
"final" as there will be no more judgements as everytime that one dies, one has that life-judgement, before re-incarnating! As one will not ever
incarnate again, this one will be the last judgement; of course this one will
be a very *very* THOUROUGH judgement, as this judgement actually will judge the oversoul of all of the lives lived, along that "path" during the history of mankind, for an individual soul!! All of one's lives are now judged as one lifetime!

[my word for "judgement" is "psyco-social assessment", to use the terms my MSW social work sister would use, to assess the live of one of her clients, as one's talants for good are also assessed along with any "sins"!]

---the end is near all right, of this "years" class of humanity, and at the end of every class year, there are the FINAL EXAMS!
Thus these disasters...wars...strifes, are not punishments for sins, they are the final learning lessons before the collective path hits that hillside!
thus we all "have more life-experiences per year, now: life ten years per year"!

six years left before the END!

in short summation: the earthly path of humaity will come for an end, for *this* class of humanity, immantly, around 2011/12, the Angels of the Apocalypse will Roll, and Time will end, time as we know it, will be over.
Then, Spiritual laws will be operative, on our racial Path, not natural laws


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9/27/2005 10:46:00 AM
I have *very* strange dreams: at least three times a week, I am taken by guides to experience places in the Spirit, afterlife, worlds!! I have even talked two-way conversatations with most of my "deceased" relatives, there!
This weblog will have some of these accounts posted, as well as my thoughts about life, now that I have been shown the relative importance of the material world compared to heaven!
From these dream experiences I have learned much about
how to live in *this* earthly
life: even more
than having these dreams prepare me for heaven!

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