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afterlife files, where I have written up my visions of experiencing out of body, obe, nde, astral travels, to heaven, afterlife, realms.

Over the years I have had many dreams
of going to heaven! That is, I have been taken, in my Spirit, astral, body
by Angels and Guides, to see and to experience places in the
afterlife, worlds. to heaven, *and* to hell! [yes, new agers, there *is* a hell[s]!!]

I have also been shown scenes from the "End Times", the earth at "earthchanges" time! Earthquakes, land changes, etc....
I have written up some of these experiences
here in this journal. Beginning around 1978, I have had
near-weekly dreams where I would go to visit other worlds that
are not on this earth plane! Some Guide would bring me to see,
for instance, the Hall of the History of mankind, or perhaps I would
actually see and then talk two way conversations with, a relative.
Many of these experiences are not recalled
very well, and only the visions that I consider to be Interesting,
I will post here on this weblog.
Plus I will also write about my life, and my thoughts, seeing how I now know that the material world is not all that there is to reality!

I have more or less turned my MY LIFE AFTER NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES weblog into a Photoblog, where I enter some of my amazing pictures, with long descriptions of each. Come, please, look at my photos!

afterlife files
Thursday, May 25, 2006
5/25/2006 09:35:00 AM

An ALIEN ABDUCTION...From my bedroom!

[occurred in the 1980s maybe]

my abduction experience...From my
bedroom, asleep!!
I dream a lot of very interesting dreams and many of them are "OBE" dreams where angels and guides
take me, in my dreams, lucid, vivid, dreams, to experience places in the afterlife worlds. Hundreds of these since about

*this* dream was different!!

The dream began when I dream-awoke to realize, when I opened my eyes, that I was lying on an "operating table" type
of bed, with bright lights overhead, as *if* I were in a hospital. But oh take a look at those surgeons! There were two or
three of these men and they each looked alike and they all looked just like any of those "aliens" that classic UFO abductees see!
Most of the abductees see the "tall' or the "short" versions of the same men. I need not even describe them! My version were of the "tall"
variety! I was Abducted by aliens from my bed room, taken OBE to their ship.
And apparently I was *on* a ship, as I could dimly note the portholes on the wall and the "gunmetal" finish on the walls, of a room-compartment,
of a UFO craft of some sort. Right out of any other person's "real" abduction account, illustrated!

A "classic' ufo-abduction process: but it was a


not a dream....An Out Of Body experience! I was taken
to where these aliens were, in my
Spirit-body! But it was an abduction experience!!
[I wonder how many such experiences are really like
this??!.....I think:MANY!! I feel, now, that many Abductees, during their experiences, if an outside observer were
to see them, these observers would merely say that the person was ASLEEP!
Ah...If one would think, thusly, that all abduction experiences were *only* dreams, they would be wrong, as these researchers
would not know what a dream can be: a journey to realms in different dimensions, other worlds, other places, places that are just as Real
as this earth place is!]
Dream begins......
I awake, in the dream, on a grey operating type
it is the table that I have actually seen pictures
and read descriptions of...In the narratives of

I am surrounded by several beings that do not look
like human beings!---on an operating table, in a
of grey metal.
and...Yes...They looked JUST LIKE what is in the
pictures that abductees draw.....The "tall
humansized heads, but feature-less".

One of them began to talk to me.
he tells me that he is surprised...They were going
give to me an IMPLANT of some sort, for some
reason of their own,
but that they just had now discovered that some
alien group beat them to it and had, unknown to
already abducted my spirit-body and had put an
into this body already!!
thus, there was an implant already in place!
so this leader says to me..."Since we brought you up
here, we may as well purify your AURA a little".

I watched this leader and one of his assistants
up to me a wire loop...It looked like a soap bubble
blower...A loop of wire attached to a long straight
wire. This loop was maybe five inches across and
straight wire was maybe two foot long, coming out of
some instrument box, held in his hand.
they then made passes over my body....Running the
up and down my arms and legs and along my body.

[like degaussing a computer monitor screen,
I guess---- when I awoke...I felt very calm and
peaceful for months...This little operation, folks,
had a VERY REAL EARTHLY EFFECT upon my physical

this spokesperson [felt "male"]...Then said to me...
"Now, before we send you back down to earth.....Here
our Astral address so that you can come to visit us
you go out of your body, at night....AND...To be
to come stay with us for a while, after you DIE"
This being then held out to my face something that
looked like a business card or I D card. He then
it onto my body, somehow...So to have it in my
body at all times.
Yes...Another IMPLANT!....Really.
-----and the dream ends.

From this...I have a theory about these implants
the abductees receive. They are put into their
spirit-body and the are there for....
....So the aliens can monitor the person.
....They can send thought material to that person.
....When the person dies; the aliens can pull him
up into their worlds of spirit...Much like of the
Chinaman who is bald except for that rope of hair:
leaves it there so that God can pull him up to
when he dies!
....Thus there is always a connection between the
abductee and these aliens, via the implant...An
implant that can not be observed by X-ray or
it is in the Spirit-body, of the person!

And, yes, the other major point is...Someone can
indeed be abducted right from their sleep, from
bedroom!! It is a REAL abduction: the person is
into the spirit worlds of higher dimensional

*YOU* could be thus, some day, abducted, yourself, right from the "safety" of
your own bedroom!


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5/25/2006 09:35:00 AM
I have *very* strange dreams: at least three times a week, I am taken by guides to experience places in the Spirit, afterlife, worlds!! I have even talked two-way conversatations with most of my "deceased" relatives, there!
This weblog will have some of these accounts posted, as well as my thoughts about life, now that I have been shown the relative importance of the material world compared to heaven!
From these dream experiences I have learned much about
how to live in *this* earthly
life: even more
than having these dreams prepare me for heaven!

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"The best way to get to heaven is to live, now, like you were already there!"....????

----and the Goodness will never ever End!

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